Susan Carol Scott


Susan Carol Scott
July 17, 1959
September 28, 2022


A Message from Sue:
You may be wondering about my death.  I’m truly a private person, but I will share a few things about my life to put my departure from this mortal world in perspective.
I was born and lived most of my life in Portland, Maine.  I graduated from Portland High School and then from Westbrook College.  I turned my associate’s degree in Medical Assisting into a rewarding career working for a variety of medical practices over the years, the last of which was with Spectrum VIR.  I loved my role in supporting the physicians and truly enjoyed helping patients with whatever their needs might be.  Even the crabby ones.  I was pretty good at it all.
Back in the day, I could be found keeping score for softball leagues, playing horseshoes or bowling with my buddies, watching NASCAR races on the TV with Mom, challenging Dad in dart tournaments, or quietly knitting mittens.  Although I spent a few years living in Michigan and had traveled a bit here and there, (yes, the trips to Nashville were epic!), I mostly loved hanging out at my home.  Picking away at home improvement projects, binge-watching cooking shows, visits with friends and family, summer barbecues, a handful of scratch tickets, playing games, or just sitting on the front porch with a magazine and an iced tea … all really, really good.  I enjoyed going out to concerts, dinner dates with my gal-pals, and following my sister around to volunteer jobs and whatever other adventures she could talk me into.  Music was a huge part of my life.  I adored that old time rock and roll, but country was where my heart lived.
I was blessed with a wonderful circle of people who I could laugh, dance, sing, (now admitting to that karaoke period), swear, and cry among without judgement.  There were a few long-term boyfriends over the years, none of whom I was compelled to commit to as a life partner.  Being single was fine.  I was incredibly lucky to have amazing friends like Jan, Mary P., Mary B., Judi, Lisa, Jen, Alicia, Karen D, Karen R., Julie, the whole Campbell family, and so many others in my life.  I cherished the time I spent with each of them.
Those who orbited closest, and for whom I possessed a special and eternal love for, were my immediate family:  Beloved sister and ultimate best friend Pammy, (Pamela Fischer), brother-in law Scotty, (Scott Spaulding), cousins and their partners Lauri and Bob Gaudet, Julie Best and Bobby Love, half-brother Colby Scott, and best friends/almost sisters, Theresa Stackhouse and Linda Cribley.  Gone from the scene, but also deeply loved and never forgotten are Mom, Mary Johnson, and Dad, Lester Scott.  Family is everything and these people were my world.
I developed autoimmune liver disease 25 years ago and never went into remission.  It’s a weird thing to know that your body wants to attack itself.  There were times when I suffered the symptoms acutely and other periods when things were more tolerable.  As time went on, the disease changed me physically and slowed me down.  Rather than allow that to negatively define me, I adopted the sloth as my spirit animal and learned to embrace relaxation.  So cute!  So mellow!  I could do this!  Unfortunately, the long-term damage to my liver put me at high risk for cancer, which was written into my story a few months ago.  I thought I had more time, but cancer has a way of sneaking up on you.
Throughout my life, I tried to always be humble and kind, (please give it up for Tim McGraw*).  Integrity and a strong work ethic were core values I grew up with and held tightly to, but laughter and a sense of humor made everything worthwhile.  Life really is wicked funny.  I believed deeply in the power of love, which I gave and received freely and with joy.  Remember me in that light.  And if you notice a Brown-Eyed Susan growing in a garden or field somewhere, … well, that’s me just sayin’ Hello!

*Humble and Kind, by Tim McGraw

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